Welcome to Pauranik Neuro Center

Pauranik Neuro Center at Indore is a unique one stop facility for comprehensive services for patients suffering from neurological and related disorders.
Dr. Nipun Pauranik is the main driver of the center. He has envisioned the center in a futuristic and holistic manner. He is blessed by the presence and guidance of his father Dr. Apoorva Pauranik, a senior neurologist himself.
Dr. Nipun and Dr. Apoorva are one of the handful father son duo neurologists in India practicing in same premises as a team.

Neurological Diseases

Brain is the master organ of human body. It is essence of our consciousness and identity.Diseases of brain and related nervous system are dealt within Neurology.Neurological disorders are common and one of the major community burden on health services. Examples are

1. Stroke (Ischemic, Hemorrhagic)

2. Headache (Migraine)

3. Epilepsy

4. Vertigo and Dizziness

5. Parkinsonism and other movement disorders

6. Muscle Diseases (Muscular Dystrophy)

7. Multiple Sclerosis (Other Demyelinating Illness)

8. Low Back Ache & Disc Prolapse

9. Mental Retardation / Cerebral Palsy

10. Memory Loss / Dementia (Alzheimer's Disease)

11. CNS Infections(Tuberculosis, Neurocysticercosis)